My Story

Hello and Welcome!  I'm so glad you're interested in Scentsy!  I have been a customer for a few years and finally decided that I love the product so much that I wanted to share it with others! My house is a testament to the quality of Scentsy Fragrance, as every room has a warmer going almost all of the time.  Every time I enter my home, the gentle scent is welcoming and I love that I can leave the warmers on even when I'm gone!My 6 year old son even notices how nice it smells in the bathroom, which makes me laugh every time he mentions it!  That alone tells me that we must be doing something right!Let me know if you'd like to host a party!  Our hosts are generously rewarded and it's sure to be a great time!In the meantime, browse the website and enjoy, but remember...these amazing scents need to be experienced to be fully appreciated!  I can't wait to share the scents with you!Kristi   <!--endbody-->